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Former Areas of Practice 

Until the end of 2012, i.e. before the move to Singapore, the main focus was legal advice and support to NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations). This included the setting up and administration of associations or foundations (including board memberships) in the humanitarian, artistic or educational fields.

Most of the legal advice was therefore related to international issues deriving from the above activities and extended domestic law relevant to the client focus described above. Even though the area of practice covered in theory all areas of the law, it is only in very exceptional cases that family law issues or criminal case were accepted.

Financial Law, Company Law or other Regulatory Law issues are usually referred to Eric Fiechter.

Litigation is referred to Robert Fiechter (robert.fiechter@desgouttes.ch) at the Law firm (Des Gouttes & AssociƩs).

Mediation and services were offered in areas other than related to commercial matters (Membership problems in NGO's, management problems, labor law issues, inheritance disputes, etc.). This is still done but only on a not-for-profit basis.

Mediation and arbitration in commercial and banking issues are handled by Eric Fiechter.

Former Areas of Practice

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