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Workshop for Water Ethics: enjeux éthiques de l’eau 

W4W: Workshop for Water

Three workshops were held in 2011, 2012, and 2013 under the auspices of the University of Geneva (IRSE) at the Museum of Science as part of the research that led to the doctoral thesis on ethical and legal issues in relation to water.

A fourth and fifth workshop were held in 2017 and 2018 (proceedings in preparation)

The thesis is now published in French by Slatkine Editions (https://slatkine.com) and in English by Wipf & Stock Publishers (https://www.wipfandstock.com)

PDF2018 Acts: Education, Gender Partnership, Finance: decisive keys to combat water stress? (1 Mo)
PDF2018 Actes: Education, Partenariat Hommes/Femmes, Finance: des cle?s de?cisives pour lutter contre le stress hydrique? (1 Mo)
PDFThesis published in French by Slatkine Editions (1 Mo)
PDFThesis published in English by by Wipf & Stock Publishers (1 Mo)
PDF2017 Actes: Oceans flooded with plastic: Myth or Reality? (2.4 Mo)
PDF2013 Program (300 Ko)
PDF2012 Actes (6.8 Mo)
PDF2012 Program (300 Ko)
PDF2011 Compte rendu (1.4 Mo)
PDF2011 Program (1.6 Mo)
PDFToo Much Water or Not Enough.How Can We Wisely Use This Unpredictable Vital Resource? Proceedings of the first W4W Colloquium (March 22, 2011) (500 Ko)
PDFWater, Vital Need and Global Justice, Proceedings of the Second W4W Interdisciplinary Colloquium (March 20, 2012) (1.1 Mo)
PDFA Global Water Ethic,Proceedings of the Third W4W Interdisciplinary Colloquium (March 19, 2013) (1.4 Mo)
PDF"Looking for water with EPER/HEKS, Visits to Rural Communities in Zimbabwe and South Africa" (March 2011) (2.1 Mo)

Workshop for Water Ethics

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