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The Legal services are rendered in three countries: by Secretan Troyanov in Switzerland (Geneva) and in the United Kingdom (London) and by Secretan Troyanov Schaer in Russia (Moscow).

Secretan Troyanov was founded in 1967 and has always been focused more on the needs of particular client categories, such as international corporations or high net worth individuals, in relation to banking, brokerage or commercial activities, than on particular segments of the law. The necessary legal expertise is drawn either from our own resources in regulatory, contractual, immigration, trust and estate, litigation or arbitration matters or from selected outside experts, as necessary. Most issues handled have a strong international connotation. All partners have practiced law outside Switzerland.

The total staff in Geneva and London represents more than 35 professionals, including corporate and trust executives and in Moscow more than 10 staff members help cover the clients' needs. The professionals are graduates from various Swiss, English, American and Russian universities, working in English, French, German and Swiss German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch and Italian. Didier de Montmollin is the managing partner.

The Geneva office, opened in 1967, is the first and main office of Secretan Troyanov, providing full legal services. Its partners are registered financial intermediaries under the applicable Swiss legislation and subject to the supervision of the lawyers' self-regulating organisation (SRO).

The London office was opened in 1987 and is headed by a Swiss partner. It provides assistance on matters of Swiss law (advice, legal opinions, expert advice) to UK based clients and law firms. It also serves as an interface between London based clients and the Geneva office in litigation as well as in regulatory matters.

The Moscow office, opened in 1992, is also headed by a Swiss lawyer. It is independant from the Geneva Firm (Secretan Troyanov) since the end of 2005 and is operated as a branch office of the Fribourg (Switzerland) registered limited company Secretan Troyanov Schaer SA, so as to comply with local Russian regulations. It provides advice on Russian, Swiss or international law issues to Russian and foreign clients.

The Sercofin office of Sercofin, Accounting and Financial Services SA, is a Swiss company formed in 1991 to render services, such as domiciliation, accounting and ancillary services, which are not covered by the Swiss lawyer's professional secrecy.

Worldwide professional contacts with similarly oriented firms enable Secretan Troyanov and Secretan Troyanov Schaer SA to rely on efficient and cost-effective assistance and support whenever and (almost) wherever needed.

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